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War Has Changed
There is no Light without Shadows
Recent Entries 
Current Party
Togekiss (Sunny)♀ lvl 100
Magneton (MkIII)♂ lvl 100
Torkoal (Marlboro)♂ lvl 70
Steelix (Solid)♂ lvl 100
Gible (Rex)♂ lvl 15
Kecleon (???)♀ lvl ??


Sentret♂ (Otacon) lvl 15
Weedle♂ (EatsAll) lvl 3
Snover♂ (Moses) lvl 5
Slowpoke♂ (Vulcan) lvl 35
Vulpix♂ (Fox) lvl 13
Stantler♀ (Naomi) lvl 12
Butterfree♀ (LowFat) lvl 13
Mareep♀ (Static) lvl 6
Slowpoke♀ (noname) lvl 7
Slowpoke♀ (noname) lvl 6
Slowpoke♂ (noname) lvl 7
Beedrill♀ (noname) lvl 7
Snubbull (Juliette)♀ lvl 80 (received from Jack Atlus)
Surskit (noname)♀ lvl 20
Drifblim (Roy)♂ lvl 50
Pidgeot (Chicken)♀ lvl 100


[this will be edited the more Pokemon Snake catches.]
old sun
Hey, I figured I should have an HMD post for this guy. If you have any concerns or constructive crit, please leave it here. Anonymous posting is acceptable. Please note that any flames will be deleted, and if you're going to leave crit, at least make sure it's constructive crit. Telling me what I'm doing wrong and then not helping me to fix it is not the best way to help a person out.

I will try to get back to you when I can. :) If you'd prefer PMing me, or sending me an IM, that's cool, too. My AIM is still hebbycakes.

anon comments will be screened
still ripped
[ Snake's sitting on a dock in Olivine, having spent a long time in this city, but not minding too much. The salty smell of the sea kept him motivated, and it was a nice change from the previous towns he'd been in while in Johto.

Plus, there was that matter of challenging the Gym Leader here, too... But for now, the old soldier is trying his luck at fishing on the docks.

Sitting next to him is Sunny, his Togekiss, who is smiling and idly trilling a song while Snake sits on the edge of the dock, hands holding the fishing pole firmly. ]

Hnn... Not really a lot here except Magikarp, huh.

[ Sunny ruffled her feathers, looking happy. ]

Maybe I'm not using the right bait... [ Turning, he reached into Sunny's feathers and withdrew the PokeGear, flicking it on and placing it near himself. ]

Might as well see if anything interesting's happening somewhere else...
.... what.
06 17 11 - [ video ]
[ The feed turns on; Snake is looking tired, but what else is new? His brow is furrowed, obviously a lot is on his mind. ]

What the hell?

[ It's all he says for the moment, taking a look around. Marlboro can be heard in the background, emitting smoke from his nostrils. The smoke rises enough for the video feed to see. ]

I just found a guy collapsed on the road. What's going on here?

[ The swarms of Pokemon haven't gone unnoticed to Snake either, but since he's been spending time outside of Olivine, he's only seen them going into the city... not so much leaving it. ]

Pokemon swarms... People collapsing... Hn.

Otacon, what do you make of this?
what are you talking about?
[ It really shouldn't have made sense, but here he was... Snake had decided once more to practice his sneaking capabilities while in Johto. Having been driven to Olivine had helped greatly... It felt good to not be walking back between Goldenrod and Violet. Now he was in a new place, sneaking about quietly, finding good uses for his Octo Camo.

Sneaking along with him was his newest partner, a Kecleon. The chameleon Pokemon had been left to him by someone... Someone who'd left Johto unannounced. Considering the kind of Pokemon it was (with its camouflage capabilities), the old soldier knew quite well whose it was.

And because of that, he vowed to take good care of his former mentor's Pokemon. Now he was approaching the Ranch, though sticking to the bushes to try and get the upper hand on any wild Pokemon. ]


[Snake froze. That sound. He immediately pulled out his Gear, contacting Otacon.] Otacon-- There's a Gekko here. [Not wanting to be caught by the beast, Snake rolled further into the brush, wanting to avoid being caught by its infrared sensors. He couldn't hear the familiar stomping sounds that accompanied it-- Kecleon hurried along with Snake, crawling alongside him and looking perplexed. Why did Old Snake look so worried suddenly?

Snake could hear another moo-- this one was closer... It was behind him! Turning to try and shake the creature off, the old soldier found himself with a face full of Milktank tongue.]




Oh. [psyche gauge droops...]
found someone else; ♥ barrel
[Old Snake was still a little apprehensive, despite having been with the newly evolved Sunny the entire past week and some... But the fact that she went from Togetic to Togekiss... a giant smiling hanglider bird...

It was a little unsettling.

But he was in Olivine now, having helped out during the flooding and all that crazy stuff going on, and he realized that Sunny was extremely helpful to him. And she even knew fly.

Though he wasn't about ready to test that out yet.]

Sunny, there are still branches lying around, can you help me gather them? [To which the plump feathered bird responds with a cheerful twittering, hurriedly flying over to the fallen debris. The storm caused by the great sea beast bursting out of the water (plus the heavy rain fall) had done a number on Olivine... people were STILL cleaning up. But together with Pokemon, it wasn't so bad.

Though, Old Snake's back told him different.]
ALERT 99.99
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